Sherlyn Chopra in sexy mini skirt hot wallpaper

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Sherlyn wanted cameras even in bathrooms

Actress and singer Sherlyn Chopra will no longer join the Housemates in ‘Bigg Boss’ as she has been shown the door. Sherlyn, who was in discussion to be cast on the show, could not close the deal as her two conditions could not be met on time.

Apparently, the newbie asked for a sum of Rs 3 crore for her 3-month appearance in the ‘Bigg Boss’ House.

Since, after her first music album ‘Outrageous’, her second album ‘Dard-e-Sherlyn’ has also become a runaway success, she felt that only a decent price could keep her inside the House for a whole three months.

It is also learnt that Sherlyn suggested that the makers install cameras even in bathrooms of the House, so that she could flaunt her vast collection of colourful bikinis and inner wear while bathing. It seems she was keen to generate loads of teenage interest in the show from both sexes.

It can be recalled that the practice of cameras in the bathrooms of such a reality show existed in UK’s ‘Big Brother’ earlier, until Shilpa Shetty got the practice discontinued two years ago, with a clause in her contract stating it went against her ethics and culture. It is obvious, Sherlyn thinks otherwise.

But since ‘Bigg Boss’ found her demands outrageous, she was out. “Right from the beginning of her career, Sherlyn has a very bold, outspoken, daring and sensational diva-like image. One can’t really blame her for thinking of her colourful bikinis, ” quipped her publicist Dale Bhagwagar.

“Nowadays, everyone from Kareena Kapoor to Priyanka Chopra is being talked about for wearing bikinis in their movies. So why should we have double standards for reality shows? After all, they are just another medium of expression, ” added Bhagwagar.

Sherlyn is a typical bindaas new-age babe. Everyone knows that if she would have been on the show, the TRP’s would have sky-rocketed simply with her boldness and flamboyance. It’s hardly ‘her’ loss.

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Get a dose of bindaas Sherlyn Chopra

The wannabe star Sherlyn Chopra shows off her sexy curves on the sets of ‘Bindas’ with Ugesh Sarcar. Red hot pictures >>

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Sherlyn Chopra’s sexy beach spread

Sherlyn does it once again. Check out this outrageous photo shoot for her album ‘Dard-e-Sherlyn.’ Sun, sand and sin >>

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Radio Mirchi’s promotional event with Sherlyn Chopra

She is the perfect brand ambassador for Radio Mirchi. Sherlyn looked quite stunning in a blue dress at the promotion.
01_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 02_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 03_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 04_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 05_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 06_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 07_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 08_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 09_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx 10_radio_sherlyn_1906_430xx

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Sherlyn Chopra hot boob show in short pant

Sherlyn Chopra photo shoot to promote her upcoming album. We caught Sherlyn Chopra on her way up the Bollywood ladder, and got her to service our jalopy – she bent it outrageously out of shape!

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Sherlyn Chopra poses in lingerie for PETA

Sherlyn Chopra poses exclusively for a PETA campaign

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Sherlyn Chopra poses in lingerie for PETA

If PETA’s plan was to create ‘awareness’ amongst masses for the ‘ethical’ treatment of animals, then guess the NGO has got at least the first part right. Looking at the hot photo-shoot done with the ‘wild’ and ‘outrageous’, Sherlyn Chopra, one thing is for sure that the campaign will attract maximum awareness, as its hard to avoid a girl in lingerie with ‘Whips’ and ‘Chains’.

As reported earlier by Bollywood Hungama, this is the first time that Sherlyn has appeared in a PETA campaign. The campaign, which is designed to stop the violence against animals in circus, reads, ‘Whips and Chains Belong in the Bedroom and Not in the Circus’.

Sherlyn Chopra gets into a sexy lingerie and teaches how to put the ‘Whips’ and ‘Chains’ to better use.
Note to PETA: Back this campaign with special workshops conducted by Sherlyn Chopra for the circus trainers. We are sure; the country won’t report any incidences of violence against circus animals thereafter.

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HOT: Sherlyn puts JLo to shame!

The actress has undergone plastic surgery to augment and enlarge her derriere
Sherlyn Chopra
Bollywood bombshell and Outrageous bikini babe Sherlyn Chopra [HOT PICS: Sherlyn gets Outrageous] is going to set the Kannada and southern film industry on fire. Other established southern sirens had better watch out, for Sherlyn is determined to leave no stone unturned to give them a run for their money! Insiders say that Sherlyn Chopra is being paid Rs 35 lakh for doing an item song in a Kannada film. Apparently, the producer-director duo were so keen on having Sherlyn do the item number that they agreed to pay her the outrageous sum, even though other well-known girls in the industry were quoting only half of Sherlyn’s price. Sherlyn was also chosen for her JLo like butt. It may be recalled that recently Sherlyn had undergone plastic surgery to augment and enlarge her derriere and had her butt re-modelled to look exactly like JLo’s. Sherlyn is slated to be working on a couple of Hollywood projects as well.

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Sherlyn Chopra hot pics

you can see a fan running under her she got too much heat under his skirt :))

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