Bollywood’s hottest pin-up girls

For years, they have decorated the walls of Bollywood fans, who more than worship them. But who is steamiest pin-up girl? All yours >>

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Mallika Sherawat in a sexy golden dress.

Mallika Sherawat heats up the premiere show of ‘Maan Gaye Mughall E Azam’ in a sexy golden dress.

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Hot Celina Jaitley in sexy shorts joins gay parade

Celina Jaitley is proud and gay.
No, we don’t mean homosexual ‘gay’. We just mean that she was pretty happy to be at the gay pride parade in Mumbai recently.The lady has been vocal about the rights of the homosexual community.This is what she had to say; “Gays too are a creation of god and they don’t choose to belong to a sexual minority.

Why shouldn’t they be allowed to live peacefully, freely and with a person of their choice?It is very stressful for them to live with hatred and it is demoralising for them to be treated badly by heterosexual people.They should be given the freedom to live with and move around with their kind of people.”The lady marched with the homosexual community at the parade at the August Kranti Maidan to show her solidarity with them…

“I have some good friends who are gays. I have known them for a long time and I like them as people..Their sexual preferences are not under their control. It’s something they are born with.So why should we discriminate on the basis of sexual preferences? It’s not fair to isolate them like this,” she says. Uh, huh. Point taken.

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Negar’s sexy rain dance in Dubai

We are not surprised that the organiser of the show hired 86 guards to protect Negar Khan’s sexy body.
Negar Khan was seen performing a rain dance in Dubai to the music played by Ryan Beck and his band Brandish Projeckt.The organiser of the show, Kapil Mehra of Instant Karma hired 86 body guards to protect her sexy body………Because the last time she had a few problems when she performed in Dubai and few guys tried to grope her.Also it is heard that despite a strong blockade at the place, Dubai cops asked Negar to put her pants on because her first act was in a tiny two-piece bikini and the crowd was getting disruptive.
The guards sure weren’t complaining.

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Suneeta Rao launches her new album ‘Waqt’

Suneeta Rao launches her new album ‘Waqt’

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Damn Hot babes at Faisal Khan Party Birthday, beer and babes

It was Faisal Khan’s girlfriend Shikha’s birthday. And he made sure it is the best birthday she has ever had.


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Bollywood’s sexiest moms

Bollywood’s sexiest moms

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They are hot, single and can be dated!

For some reason, these stars have decided not to hook up… not yet. Even though they’re hot! That makes them ‘most eligible’. Pictures >>
07_salman_2506_430xx 09_sonam_2506_430xx 03_kangana_2506_430xx 08_katrina_2506_430xx 06_amrita_rao_2506_430xx 04_priyanka_2506_430xx 11_malllika_2506_430xx 02_harman_2506_430xx 10_vivah_2506_430xx 01_hansika_2506_430xx

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Katrina Kaif : The sexiest cover girl

After being voted as the sexiest woman, Katrina Kaif is on the cover of Filmfare June edition. Check her out.

03_kat_film_fare_1706_430xx 06_kat_film_fare_1706_430xx 07_kat_film_fare_1706_430xx 08_kat_film_fare_1706_430xx 09_kat_film_fare_1706_430xx 10_kat_film_fare_1706_430xx

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Hot Khushboo on location

So what’s this khushboo all about? Let’s go to the sets and check out what is the cast and crew upto?
14_khuboo_1006_430xx 13_khuboo_1006_430xx 11_khuboo_1006_430xx 07_khuboo_1006_430xx 04_khuboo_1006_430xx 01_khuboo_1006_430xx

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