Rakhi watches Ganesha 2 with underprivileged children

Rakhi Sawant at a Special Screening of Movie ‘My Friend Ganesha2’..

A daughter of a senior Mumbai policeman who grew up in Mumbai, she appeared in several music videos and in some item songs in Bollywood movie. After she received wider notice as a contestant in several reality shows, including Big Boss and Nach Baliye, she began to receive considerable coverage from the Indian tabloid press.

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Rakhi Sawant takes you back in 1920

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Rakhi manages to rope in SRK as well

Rakhi Sawant’s television show seems to have a great list of celebrities who have agreed to be guests. The coup was when she managed to get Aamir Khan to do her show. But Rakhi is not just satisfied with Aamir. There may be many more big guns on her hitlist.

Topping them probably was Shah Rukh Khan. She has worked with him in Main Hoon Na and hence knows him slightly. It is believed that the actress bumped into SRK at Yash Raj and asked him to appear on her show. He has already given her a verbal agreement that he will appear on the show.

Apparently, Rakhi had been flooding him with SMSes which he managed to coolly ignore. But he could not ignore her when she confronted him at Yash Raj. Now that Rakhi has two Khans in her kitty, she wants the third as well.

She says that she would consider it an honour to have all three Khans on her show. Well, considering the ways things are, there is little chance of that happening as Salman is unlikely to follow in SRK’s steps. God forbid.

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Rakhi Sawant bags Yash Raj film, makeover by Manish Malhotra

Casting aside her item-girl image, Rakhi Sawant has bagged a full-fledged dramatic role in Yash Raj Films’ new venture that she hopes will result in a flood of offers.

‘So far my career in movies didn’t take off because I don’t have a lobby to support and sign me. That’s the only explanation I have. But people love Rakhi Sawant,’ said Rakhi, who was seen in Rakesh Roshan’s Krazzy 4.

‘Now, I’ve finally got a film I’m proud of with the best banner. After this, I’m sure I’m going to be flooded with good offers, and not just to do item songs, although I’ve no godfather in the film industry,’ she told IANS.

Directed by debutant Anurag Singh, the yet to be titled film also stars Rani Mukerji and Shahid Kapur. Rakhi is excited about working with Rani.

‘She is my favourite actress. I love Rani. She’s a superstar, but so down to earth. I’m going to take blind instructions from Rani about how to do my scenes. And I’ve no ego about it.’

It wouldn’t be improper to point out that Rani had borrowed many of Rakhi’s mannerisms and speech patterns to play the tart with a golden heart in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya.

Rakhi, who starts shooting with Rani and Shahid July 17, is about to be turned into a typical Yash Raj heroine and the man given the seemingly impossible job is designer Manish Malhotra.

‘I’ve already started rehearsing. Do I play cricket in the film? My lips are sealed. Do I have item songs in the film? Hmmm… that would be telling. But, yes. I don’t have just one dance. I’ve three dances in this film, choreographed by the one and only Vaibhavi Merchant. They’re not just ordinary item songs.

‘And I’m being dressed up by Manish Malhotra. I’m so excited about working with him,’ Rakhi added.

So will Rakhi be playing cricket along with Rani in this film about women’s cricket?

‘Darling, if I reveal everything now why will you pay money to see the film when it’s released? All I know is that the offer came to me without any lobbying. They saw my item song in Krazzy 4. I guess they liked what they saw.

‘All the credit goes to Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Shani Bhagwan and Ganpati. These are the four pillars of my destiny,’ Rakhi maintained.

‘Nothing in my life has come easily to me, but now I’m very happy with my life. Thank you people. And thank you, media. Main media ki beti hoon (I’m the daughter of the media),’ she added.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi has been picked up to host a talk show. But are the audience ready for such a large dose of the sexy bombshell?

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Rakhi Sawant is back!

Finally, drama queen Rakhi Sawant, floored everybody to be crowned as the queen of dance reality show title- ’Yeh Hai Jalwa’.

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Krazzy 4 Director fools Rakhi Sawant

Item girl Rakhi Sawant is known for her naughty pranks and tricks to one and all but this it was the dancer who got fooled…that too by her Krazzy 4 director Jaideep Sen.

wire photoThe director told the media that he and Rakhesh Roshan have jointly decided to remove Rakhi Sawant’s item song as it wasn’t working in the flow of the film!!!! Although Rakhi gave her best and danced for 12 hours non stop for the song and even promoted the song thanks to which she got other offers…..but still the song is going to be removed said Jaideep Sen.

But thankfully this was just an April Fool’s joke for Rakhi

Said Jaideep Sen, “Rakhi Sawant is not only a great dancer but is professionalism personified and her song is a great hit. There is no way the song is going to be removed from Krazzy 4

Well we are sure that if the song had really been removed the item girl would have definitely been in total shock!! And what her retaliation would have been we wonder.

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Rakhi ‘Outlandish’ Sawant does it again

Rakhi ‘Outlandish’ Sawant does it again

Trust Rakhi Sawant to come up with something outlandish in whatever she does, talks and even wears. The Bindaas babe was seen at an awards show of a popular radio station in a ‘jhatak-matak’ black and silver dress. But what shocked the living daylights out of us was her choice to wear two different colored (black and silver) sandals.

What was Miss Sawant’s idea to wear this weird and wacky combination of sandals is something we don’t have an answer to? May be she wanted to match her black and silver dress with proper black and silver sandals. Your guess is as good as ours.

So, go ahead, post your views on this innovative fashion statement (pun intended) that Rakhi is trying to make.

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Rakhi Sawant at Mint-o Fresh’s Dance Ka Chance auditions

Rakhi Sawant is the special guest at the Mint-o Fresh Dance Ka Chance auditions

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Rakhi Sawant Got Her Name Printed On Her Ass

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