After naming the 100 sexiest women on planet Earth, Maxim decided to throw a party for the sexiest one of them all.The Maxim Hot list makes its debut in India and the Om Shanti Om star, Deepika, is winner of the first edition.She is the hot favourite actress by Indian audiences across the globe. She tops the popular Maxim Hot 100 girls worldwide list.

Shweta Salve who appeared on the Maxim cover in a bikini stood sexy on 40th No in the Top 100 list.

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Bachna Ae Haseeno: A success story

Ranbir’s sweet success in the form of Deepika Padukone..Is it success or just love which has brought all the glow on Deepika Padukone’s face.
Bachna Ae Haseeno has finally won the box-office ‘Race’. Bipasha Basu is happy!
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Deepika Padukone Maxim Pics, Maxim August Scans of Deepika Padukone

Although only in the spotlight for a year, Deepika Padukone has already made quite the splash. And now, Bollywood soft catch just be a little bigger. Maxim-India, men’s lifestyle magazine, published its first Maxim Hot 100 List, and Deeps comes out smelling as a smell of roses. The Om Shanti Om star was voted the world’s sexiest woman, surpassing Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, aiswarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Anna Kournikova.
Deepika Padukone Unseen Images, Deepika Padukone Hot Pictures

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Deepika Padukone – Interview

With her very first film Om Shanti Om, Deepika Padukone became a hot property in Bollywood overnight. Rightly so. The lady has a very pretty face, is a good dancer and a promising actress too. After a debut with the hot and happening Shah Rukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies, she’s now entered the Yash Raj Films camp with Bachna Ae Haseeno, opposite none other than real-life beau Ranbir Kapoor. The film, which also stars Bipasha Basu and Minissha Lamba, will hit the screens on August 15.
A rendezvous with the actress ahead of the film’s release:

Is there a special reason why the film is releasing on August 15? How are you feeling?
Well, yes. The film sends the message of love. And what better day than August 15 to send that message across? It also teaches youngsters to learn to work hard and earn their own keep.

What is your role?
I play an NRI who believes in earning and learning at the same time. Freedom is important but you should know not to abuse it. My character is called Gayatri and I would say her personality is very close to my real personality. I started earning when I was just 17 years old. I didn’t even need to earn but my parents wanted me to realise the value of both money and a career.

Did you sign this film because your boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor is in it too?
It is a Yash Raj Films project. Also director Siddharth Anand is a very good friend. Yes, Ranbir was also doing the film. So keeping all this in mind, I said yes.

What would you say is the one thing that draws directors to you?
I guess it’s the fact that my face can fit any look – be it Indian, western or a typical village belle kind of a look.

You played a double role in Om Shanti Om. If you could do a double role in some old flick, which one would you choose?
I would love to do Hema Malini’s role in Sita Aur Gita.

Didn’t you feel jealous when Ranbir was romancing Bipasha and Minissha in the film?
I didn’t really see him romancing them because we didn’t share screen space. Also, the script needed him to romance three different women at various stages of his life. Our job is to live different lives on-screen. Ranbir and I trust each other and because we belong to the same profession, we have to understand these things. I didn’t have any issues with that.

How was the on-screen chemistry between the two of you?
We are both one film old and we have learnt a lot from each other. His take on cinema and his approach is very different since he is worked behind the camera as well. He understands the nuances of filmmaking. It was a give and take thing for both of us. I must tell you that Ranbir is a fantastic dancer. We had a great time working together.

How challenging is your role in Nikhil Advani’s Chandni Chowk To China? How different is it from the one you did in Om Shanti Om?
It’s totally different from the Om Shanti Om role. The Chandni Chowk To China character is extremely challenging. I will be doing action for the first time. I was really excited about doing a double role in this film too. There are a lot of various aspects to the character. I am sorry I can’t tell you more about it at this point.

You’re getting projects with all big banners. How does it feel?
It does feel good. But it also means that expectations from me have risen. Though I have gained a lot of confidence, I still have a long way to go. Success is not all in life. I also want the goodwill of the audiences.

You have done regional cinema. Will you do a regional film if it’s offered to you at this stage? Also, how is regional cinema different from Bollywood?
Why not? I would love to do films in Kannada – my mother tongue. Both Hindi and regional cinema are popular as these films entertain the public and also send them messages. I find southern films more real though.

Which directors are you keen on working with?
The list is long. Mani Ratnam, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra and many more.

How is acting different from modelling?
They are two different sides of showbiz. Walking the ramp and modelling enhanced my personality. And acting taught me to emote.

What are the things you consider while signing a film?
The banner, the script and of course, the money.

Lipika Varma / Sanskriti Media & Entertainment

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Bachna Ae Haseeno Promotion

Come and fall in love thrice!
All you pretty ladies get set for Ranbir Kapoor who might steal your heart once again on 15th Aug. Bachna Ae Haseeno

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Deepika tops Maxim Hot 100 girls list

Bollywood’s new entrant Deepika Padukone, whose second film Bachna Ae Haseeno is due for release Aug 15, is considered the hot favourite actress by Indian audiences across the globe. She tops the popular Maxim Hot 100 girls worldwide list.

The Maxim Hot list makes its debut in India and the Om Shanti Om star, Deepika, is winner of the first edition.

‘To be honest, personally I never thought of myself as ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ but if that’s the call that people have taken, then I hope I live up to it. I am so excited about this,’ Deepika said in a press statement.

She joins the likes of previous Bollywood celebrity-winners like Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor.

‘Deepika was our choice as the winner because apart from her huge fan following with the new generation of Indians, she also has the potential to be an international face. This calls for a huge party,’ said Anup Kutty, editor of Maxim-India.

Deepika will be felicitated August end in Mumbai.

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Deepika Padukone Going the Saif Way

One keeps talking about actor Saif Ali Khan and the fact that he had his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor’s name tattooed on his arm. Saif seems to have set off a trend and the latest to go his way is none other than Deepika Padukone.

If reports are to believed, then the actress has reportedly got her boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor’s name tattooed on the nape of her neck. She has not gone with the full name like Saif but makes do with the initials RK. Naturally because of where it is placed, the actress cannot actually flaunt it, but by now, all know about it. Not that Deepika and Ranbir are shy about their relationship. They are quite open about it. Deepika has even said in an interview that she would love to do a solo romantic film with her boyfriend. She was speaking about her upcoming film, Bachnna Ae Haseeno, where Ranbir is paired opposite three heroines, one of which is her, the other two are Bipasha Basu and Minissha Lamba.

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DJ Aqeel and Farah Khan’s wedding anniversary party

Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at DJ Aqueel and Farah Khan anniversary bash

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Guess who this pretty little girl is?

Guess who this pretty little girl is?

With a smile so everlasting and the innocence of a flower, she was born in the family of a champion; she topped in modeling, and now is an upcoming star in Bollywood. If you still haven’t been able to guess who this lovely damsel is, then let’s reveal this one obvious fact about her – she had her first big break with SRK in OSO. Yes and you’ve got it! She is none other than Deepika Padukone – a new comer in the industry, but has soon become a hot favourite among the masses with her talent and looks.

Her beauty, style, poise, intelligence speak for itself. Confidence is something she was born with, which is quite evident in the above picture. She came into Bollywood with a million rumors of link-ups with actors and cricketers equally. She’s sure captured a number of hearts. Well, here’s a Star in the making.

Cheers to you … keep going girl!!!

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Deepika Padukone at the press meet of Levis Strauss Signature

View ‘Levi Strauss Signature’ Announced their New Association with Deepika Padukone in a Press Meet at Taj Mahal Hotel.

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