Hot Celina Jaitley in sexy shorts joins gay parade

Celina Jaitley is proud and gay.
No, we don’t mean homosexual ‘gay’. We just mean that she was pretty happy to be at the gay pride parade in Mumbai recently.The lady has been vocal about the rights of the homosexual community.This is what she had to say; “Gays too are a creation of god and they don’t choose to belong to a sexual minority.

Why shouldn’t they be allowed to live peacefully, freely and with a person of their choice?It is very stressful for them to live with hatred and it is demoralising for them to be treated badly by heterosexual people.They should be given the freedom to live with and move around with their kind of people.”The lady marched with the homosexual community at the parade at the August Kranti Maidan to show her solidarity with them…

“I have some good friends who are gays. I have known them for a long time and I like them as people..Their sexual preferences are not under their control. It’s something they are born with.So why should we discriminate on the basis of sexual preferences? It’s not fair to isolate them like this,” she says. Uh, huh. Point taken.

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Celina Jaitley unveils the book ‘Cleopatra-The Eternal Seductress’

Celina Jaitley unveils the book ‘Cleopatra-The Eternal Seductress’

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Zoom’s Hot Holi party

Tusshar Kapoor, Sameera Reddy, Celina Jaitley and Neetu Chandra at the Zoom Holi party.

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Celina and Sameera walk the ramp at the Mumbai Festival

Celina Jaitley and Sameera Reddy walk the ramp at the Gateway of India as a part of the Mumbai Festival

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Celina Jetley Looking Hot In Panties

Celina Jaitley has been tapped to star in the historical epic The Quest of Sheherzade. The International production will recount the tales of the legendary 1001 Nights woven by a mystical warrior princess, Sheherzade.

Says Performer / Producer Shani Rigsbee (Crash, One Night with the King), “I was aware of Celina’s work and was anxious to meet and discuss the project and after our meeting, we knew that she truly had the sensitivities and passion for the subject matter which aside from her obvious beauty, were incredible attributes we felt necessary for our project”.

Executive Producer, Deborah Davis (Borderland, Nightlife) says, “Our version of the Sheherzade story will be approached as a Hollywood style epic which will be both cinematically beautiful and also story driven; we plan to appeal to the International audience and Celina is the perfect leading lady”.

“It’s a great opportunity to be associated with this project, especially since there are two A-list Hollywood stars, one senior and one junior opposite me. I would like to explore and experiment with different kinds of cinema. In fact, being fluent in German, I would like to do a German film too” says Celina.

She adds “Bollywood will always remain a priority for me. I have taken a conscious decision to do two good Bollywood films and one international film every year. I will be very selective about the kind of films I want to be associated with.”

“Also I am very fortunate to be connected with professional managers in the west. They look after every aspect of my career professionally. I am even more honored since the agency has the veritable A-listers in their roster. Thankfully I didn’t have to struggle. I will give it my best shot”, Celina signs off.

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Celina Jetley looking hot

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Hot Pic Celina Jetley

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Celina Jaitley Showing Her Side BOOBS

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Celina Jetley

Dont let go of me, Please stand by me. Fulfill your promise of, always being there for me, of being with me. Love me today, Love me tommorow, Love me always, love me like you, loved me yesterday

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