‘Bigg Boss’ to start with Shilpa as host

She definitely is a hot favourite among Brits after winning Celebrity Big Brother. Now she tries her hands on the Indian.

‘Bigg Boss’ to start Aug 17 with Shilpa as host.The second season of reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is all set to hit television screens Aug 17 and will be hosted by Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty on entertainment channel Colors.It would be the first reality show to be telecast on all seven days of the week, Rajesh Kamat, CEO of Colors, said a press conference here announcing the programme’s launch date.The Indian version of the popular British reality show ‘Big Brother’, ‘Bigg Boss’ will see 14 people, including celebrities, locked into a house under the surveillance of over 30 cameras for a period of three months.These housemates will have no contact with the outside world.Shilpa, who won ‘Big Brother’ last year, was almost a natural choice to host the second season of the Indian version.And she had a word of advise to those participating in the show.’The winner needs to just be oneself … that’s the main mantra,’ Shilpa said.

The actress also emphathised with the participants as she had been through the situation herself.’I’ll try to give them a little respite as I know that they will be going through a tough time.I remember what it was to live with strangers in a house cut off from the outside world with nobody to trust and vouch for,’ she said.Asvini Yardi, programming head of Colors, said Shilpa would be more like a mentor for the participants as she has gone through a similar experience.CEO Kamat refused to divulge the names of the participants and said they would be revealed only on Aug 17 – the first episode.He said that the second season would see many additions to the first one.

‘For the fist time we have included newsmakers as well as common people on the show.
Besides, we are also introducing a half-an-hour live and unedited slot everyday starting second week that will be aired at 12.30 a.m.’While there won’t be any privacy, the house located on the outskirts of Mumbai would have no phones, television, internet, books or even a clock.

The 14 participants competing for a prize money of Rs.7.5 million will be allowed to bring only essential items to the house and they would have to cook and clean the place themselves.
Participants are voted out by housemates and the audiences periodically. The first season of ‘Bigg Boss’ was aired in 2006 on Sony Television. – IANS Feeds

August 8, 2008. Bolly News, Events and Parties, Shilpa Shetty.

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