Rakhi manages to rope in SRK as well

Rakhi Sawant’s television show seems to have a great list of celebrities who have agreed to be guests. The coup was when she managed to get Aamir Khan to do her show. But Rakhi is not just satisfied with Aamir. There may be many more big guns on her hitlist.

Topping them probably was Shah Rukh Khan. She has worked with him in Main Hoon Na and hence knows him slightly. It is believed that the actress bumped into SRK at Yash Raj and asked him to appear on her show. He has already given her a verbal agreement that he will appear on the show.

Apparently, Rakhi had been flooding him with SMSes which he managed to coolly ignore. But he could not ignore her when she confronted him at Yash Raj. Now that Rakhi has two Khans in her kitty, she wants the third as well.

She says that she would consider it an honour to have all three Khans on her show. Well, considering the ways things are, there is little chance of that happening as Salman is unlikely to follow in SRK’s steps. God forbid.

August 6, 2008. Bolly News, Rakhi Sawant.

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