Bollywood in L’Officiel’s 6th Anniversary Issue

It’s ‘official’ now! The April issue of L’Officiel (which also happens to be their 6th Anniversary issue) is indeed a collector’s item! It has all the makings of a huge sell-out. The reason? Well, there is not one but a whole of 4 good (read ‘best’) Bollywood reasons. And the ‘reasons’ are as diverse as Ameesha Patel, Jiah Khan and Sonam Kapoor and Jaya Bachchan. If their natural glittering personality was not enough, the magazine guys got them decked in the best of the brands. And Man! The outcome is nothing but sheer magic! While we wonder if the products got enhanced because of the celebrities or the other way round, you can feast your eyes on the 4 reasons!
Ameesha looks stunning not because of the photograph, but the photograph looks stunning because of Ameesha, no ‘ifs’ and ‘Bhatts’ oooops…we mean…’buts’ included!
Jiah Khan- Nostal-Jiah! Hey people! You will surely rub your eyes in disbelief on this one. Jiah Khan has become Marilyn Monroe! To cut the long story short, let us put it this way, if you do not believe in reincarnation, then, this ‘snap-shoot’ will make you believe that the legendary Marilyn has taken rebirth as Jiah Khan!
Sonam Kapoor- ‘Chanel’ising her innocence.,…A famous poet had once penned the following lines for his beloved: “The innocence in your eyes makes my world go round, And it’s the innocence again that brings me back: safe and sound”

Jaya Bachchan- The ‘Golden’ Mother of all timesShe has always been the Guddi-goody actress par excellence, followed by being a mother, wife and a sugary sweet Mother-In-Law to Miss World, no less. We are indeed talking about Jaya Bachchan, as if you did not know!

April 19, 2008. Cleavage Show, Events and Parties, Hot Stills, Sonam Kapoor.

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