Krazzy 4 Director fools Rakhi Sawant

Item girl Rakhi Sawant is known for her naughty pranks and tricks to one and all but this it was the dancer who got fooled…that too by her Krazzy 4 director Jaideep Sen.

wire photoThe director told the media that he and Rakhesh Roshan have jointly decided to remove Rakhi Sawant’s item song as it wasn’t working in the flow of the film!!!! Although Rakhi gave her best and danced for 12 hours non stop for the song and even promoted the song thanks to which she got other offers…..but still the song is going to be removed said Jaideep Sen.

But thankfully this was just an April Fool’s joke for Rakhi

Said Jaideep Sen, “Rakhi Sawant is not only a great dancer but is professionalism personified and her song is a great hit. There is no way the song is going to be removed from Krazzy 4

Well we are sure that if the song had really been removed the item girl would have definitely been in total shock!! And what her retaliation would have been we wonder.

April 3, 2008. Bolly News, Rakhi Sawant.

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