Aamir Khan’s 43rd birthday on Friday

The normally reticent Aamir Khan invited the media outside his house on the occasion of his 43rd birthday on Friday. Here are some pics of Aamir in celebration mode.


Aamir normally likes to celebrate his birthday with his family at home but this time he chose something different.


The actor playfully asked the media… ‘aap log aise hi aa gaye… mere gifts kidhar hain?’. He also shared b’day memories of his childhood when he used to go to school without uniform and distribute chocolates. ‘The school teacher never used to scold the b’day boy so that was the best part for me’.


The first gift Aamir received was a boquet from Priyanka Chopra. “On Thursday night Kiran gifted me a card which I loved. She is a very good artist. My mother will cook seek kabab for me.”


Aamir will gift himself a bald look which will be for his forthcoming Ghajini remake. “I want to clarify that it was not Kiran’s idea to shave off my head on my b’day but my director Murugadoss. It will be a shaved buzz look.”


The actor not only cut his birthday cake but also interacted a lot with the media and posed for photographs with them as well.


We have learnt that Aamir is going to shave off his hair at home itself because he wants to keep his new look for the film a secret for a while.

March 17, 2008. Aamir Khan, Bolly News, Events and Parties.

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