Sherlyn Hot shots & Hotter Talk from Maxim

Maxim India Magazine, finally got Mona/Sherlyn Chopra to pose for them. I am sure that must have been easy. However, to everyone’s surprise shots are very decent and classy considering what Sherlyn has posed for other magazines!

I guess, Maxim brought in its classic touch. This is surely Sheryln better photo-shoot, where she does not look cheap and shows her class in all its glory.

Well, pics in magazine are hot, but Sherlyn’s talk was hotter. Man, she has some guts to talk about using sex toys, her name change and did she sleep with? Well, read on to what actually was said!

Are you Mona or Sherlyn… She explains her real name is Sherlyn, Mona name was given by some sleazy film-maker as he thought Sherlyn is too western.. point taken!

My First Orgy…. was at the age of 16, “I was with 2 guys”. She further explains that at that age she wanted to know about sex out of curosity, so did a kinda experiment.

Well, Sherlyn don’t blame you, many people do same at that age. But, I am still counting how many poeple actually tell or talk about this?

Sex Toys… yeah lady loves sex toys, as she thinks she has high need and men can’t satisfy her…ohhhhh

Acting in porn movie… yes depends on who is directing it. And yes she does not have qaulms in admitting that she use to watch porn movie, Now she don’t need to… you should know the answer to this!!!

What pose if a made a statue… Need a sword in hand… also my sex toy!!!

Oh man, this all suprised me. If you wanna read more, grab the lastest copy of Maxim Magazine. Images

October 23, 2007. Mona Chopra, Sexiest Desi, Sherlyn Chopra.

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